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Hey Ya'll!

Fenz here, and I just wanted to ask you something.
(If you don't want to read this, I'm perfectly fine with it!)

Okay, so school is just about over for me which means I should have some more free-time available.
So I have art plans that I already want to do this summer, ex. "Realistic OC's Event" but most of them I would like to wait on till I complete my Kota Meets Puck comic. ( and when the Graduation season is over.)

So here's my question to you... beside the few idea's I have in my head, I'm kinda running low on inspiration..
Is there anything you'd like to see me draw/attempt to draw this summer?

Any idea's would be appreciated. But please note:
(I don't think that anyone would ask for these, but I'll include them just in case. :-) )

1. These are suggestions and not requests... So don't be disappointed if I deny them.
(Although I'm kind of a push-over when it comes to accepting, so you're chances are very high. XD)

2. Please keep them at least PG... I'm not comfortable drawing sexual/gory/nude pictures... 

3. I don't like drawing anything Yuri or Yaoi related.. Sorry if this offends, but I just don't...

4. I'd like to keep the art around my OC's, but I'm open to other OC interaction, especially if there personalities match! :D

5. The funnier or wackier the idea, the better!!!!
(I'm also a fan of awkward situations. XD)

6. Fan art is also acceptable. (preferably Zelda. but I also love Tolkien and George  Lucas.)

7. If you have any cool event idea's, go for it! 

Thanks for reading this, I'm running low on ideas and inspiration, so your input would really help. :-) 
Hey guys! I got Tagged by :iconicy-snowflakes: to do a 8 fact tag!
She suggested Lorely, and I have kinda neglected her for a while... So let me tell you about Puck's Chick!!
(Although if you called her that she'd probably smack you... just a warning.. :-) )

  <----This is Lorely, along with her dorky future Boyfriend!

1. Lorely is an orphan, she lost both her parents to pirates when she was about 7. It was soon after her capture though that Oshianus rescued and adopted her as his own daughter.

2. This co-asides with the previous statement. Lorely HATES pirates!!! If you're a pirate, and you meet her and she knows your a pirate... You'd be wise to flee for you life (depending on her mood at the moment will decide how royally screwed you are...) The only exception to this would be if the pirate can get a clear recommendation from a friend... For instance, she's fine with Tetra's crew, because Puck assured her that although pirates they've never hurt anyone..
(She still stays wary of them, though...)

3. When it comes to humans, Lorely doesn't really care... She's not a blood thirsty savage, but at the same time she will not hesitate to strike.. Although she (along with her father) draw the line at innocence..(Ex. Kids)

4.Lorely is my only OC to actually suffer from a condition.. She has Phono-phobia, the fear of loud noises..
This never affected her until the pirate incident.. Being trapped in the hull, she would constantly face the loud noises of the tides beating against the ship, and the constant canon fire.. She's learning to deal with it better, but it's still a nuisance in her life...

5. Lorely actually was named after the tall cliffs that were near bye her original home..

6. She is my most flirtacious siren.. she doesn't do it to men she doesn't do it often, but when she does (usually to Puck) she knows what she's doing *as seen in the pic above.*

7. She's a mother at heart... She will love on any kid, siren or not she'll swoop them up and just love all over them...
She'll even nurture some human children from time to time (although she'll never admit it... XD )

8. She LOVES shells! If you want to get on her good side, give her some shells, she loves to make little decorations and acessories with them. The obsession is really sentimental.. Her parents always collected shells with her when she was young.. The Pink shell in her hair was actually a gift from her parents, the two yellow shells were gifts from Oshianus.
He was also the one to give her the Nickname "Shelly".

(If you want to know more about her and Oshianus, Go to my bro's account, he has the story written down.. Check it out!! There' a link below in his icon. :D )

Well I hope you like my little Shell Bae..

I'm going to tag my bro :iconGreat-Wizrad-Jaydof:
Do one on Serana. (if you'd like.)

Also if anyone else wants to go ahead and stela this. It's really fun!!! :D

So :iconicy-snowflakes: did a 8 fact tag, and did a general tag for whoever would want to...
I thought this would be a fun way to tell you more about my newest trouble maker Feng!

Species: Wind elemental/spirit

1. Feng has been alive since the days of ancient Hyrule.... however maturity-wise, he's forever 10.

2. Feng thinks very little of the humans, to him, in a hundred years they'll all be dead, and he'll still be there..

3. Feng doesn't make attachments.. He's like the wind, always moving on...

4. His name is actually Chinese for "Wind"

5. The tattoo's on his arms are actually magical "chains" that keep him obedient to the necklace's owner.

6. He doesn't like his physical form, he only uses it because his master wishes it.
Also, fun note, his physical form is similar to a China man.

7. He enjoys being a nuisance, he thinks of being annoying as a "fine art". This aspect has gotten him into much trouble.

8. Despite his leaving ships hopelessly lost and tearing their sails, he has never actually killed anyone...
                         "If I break all my toys, they'll be nothing left to play with..."

This was honestly just for fun!

If you wanna do this, be my guest! :D
Okay, so I got tagged by :iconxxnerdymersquidxx: to do this thing, and I FINALLY am able to get to it! (Life's been busy..)

So here's the rules..
1.Write the rules. (Or copy and paste them, whichever you prefer.)
2.Write 13 things about yourself.
3.Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.
4.Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know that they are tagged. 
(Edit by me, I have next to no friends so... yeah...)
5.Don't say ''You're tagged if you read this".
6.It is forbidden not to tag anyone.
7.Tag backs are allowed.
8.If you don't make this tag in a week, you need to obey a wish of the person who tags you. ( ok.. uh... maybe not) 
(p.s. I will probably not be invoking #8...)

Things about me... oh boy...

1. I'm a vivid anime/manga lover.... no duh...
2. I play the viola (not a violin, a viola... there's a difference..)
3. "I'm Batman!" Kidding! Although I've always liked superhero's!
4. I enjoy foreign and game music.
5. I'm a European mutt. :-)
(yet somehow part Native American... weird huh?)
6. I'm pretty serious about my favorite tv/game ships... DON'T GO MESSIN' WITH GRUVIA!!! 
7. I'm a huge Star Wars Nerd. 
8. I love video games! Especially Nintendo
9. My favorite songs are probably "Song of Storms" and "Wind Waker Theme"
10. For me and my family, coffee is the secret top of the food pyramid.... ;-)
11. My favorite mythological creatures would be mermaids/sirens.. I've always loved them, even when I was little!
12. To kinda go off of #11, I LOVE swimming!!!! I'm like a fish... :D
13. I'm not sure what else to say... except I enjoy making stories with my bro. (We are currently working on Zyo and Shadarin.. :-) )

1. What's 9+10? 
Let's see, according to my calculator.... 61... wait
*flips the calcualtor* oh! It's 19..
2. Do you Like My character Berry?
Yes actually, I like it best when he's goofing off! XD
3. Does your oc have an accent?
Uh... not that I know of... Adia may have some sort of "exotic" accent...
4. Who's your favorite oc of yours?
Yes! (But not as much as bacon! :D)
6. Are you afraid of death?
Not really, I'm not ready to go yet, but If I did, I know where I'm heading. :-)
7. Have you ever played animal jam at one point?
No, can't say I have...
8. Do you write fine literature? Because I NEED SOMETHING TO READ GAAAH
Ah yes.. My latest marvelous piece of Literature I do recall was entitled... "Joe, The Three Legged Cow"... That's about as fancy as it gets folks...
9. What does your character act like?
Which one? I have like 15...
For the most part, they are all kind (usually..) and have a mischievious side...
Kidding..  :D

My questions are these..

1. What was your favorite childhood movie?
2. What is your favorite series? (Ex. Zelda, Mario, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings etc.)
3. Who is your favorite villain? (Games, books, movies etc.)
4. If you could go any where in the world for a vacation, where would you go?
5. Favorite food. 
6. What is your favorite mythical creature?
7. If you could have ONE super power, and you would still have to live your normal every-day life, what power would you pick?
8. Who's your favorite OC? It can be your own, or someone else's... (If it does belong to someone else, be sure to give us the name of the artist.)
9. Who long have you done art?
10. Who shot the Sheriff? and Who shot the Deputy???
(P.S. if you get this let me know! XD)
11. What is your favorite anime?
(If you're not into anime, what's your favorite cartoon show..)
12. "How much wood could a Wood-chuck chuck, if a wood chuck could chuck wood???"
(There is an answer to this..)
13. Favorite out door activity..

Okay, SO! for tags.. I'm going to pick...

If you want to do this, go for it! :D
Sorry for the "Christmas Carol" quote. lol

So I got tagged by :iconicy-snowflakes: to do this , and it's going to be fun!!! :D

Name: Fenz-art, or just plain Fenz.
Sign: Libra
Zodiac: Tiger
Average Hrs. of Sleep:  Uh, Probably don't want to know... 6-7...
What Do I Post: WW/Zelda Fan-art and my OC collection mostly, I do some anime from time-to-time as well. I also enjoy posting a realistic piece every now and then.
Number of Watchers: 32. I'm really excited about this fact! :D Thanks guys!!!
When Did I Start on DA:  I started about a year ago on August of 2015. 
My Favorite Kind of Music: It really depends... I like haunting songs, some foreign (Usually Celtic or Japanese.. I really love all Zelda Music! "Song of Storms is my favorite!!! It really depends on the mood I'm in. 
How Tall am I: 5'10-5'11
Why did I Choose Art: When I was little I watched my older brother drawing sketches from the "Colossus Book of Things to Draw" which our grandma gave us for Christmas. It looked fun so I decided to join in! Drawing then just became a small part of my life until I reached 13, that's when I started taking art more seriously. I also enjoyed making comics, which were a GREAT inspiration for art! I then started trying out realistic, cartoon, then Wind Waker and Anime styles!
Why did I  Choose My Username:
I actually chose my name due to my Mom's suggestion, "Fenz" was my dad's nickname in college.
So I decided that "Fenz-art" sounded like a good name. :D

Not sure if you have to tag any one....
If any one I tag my bro that got me into art :icongreat-wizard-jaydof:

If you want to do this go ahead and steal. :D
Okay, So :iconyomo715: is doing a art feature, so I thought I'd take a whack at it! :D

The first ten people to comment on this journal, I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like the most from their gallery on the list! 

 If you comment, you have to make a journal like this and do the same thing, putting me in the first spot.

 The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone! If you don't re-do
it you will be taken off the list.

P.S. I would highly recommend this, It's not that hard and it's kinda fun! :D

1.:iconyomo715: -AT: I can make stones float.. and also glow... by YoMo715   (I'm going to add a bonus for fun... I just love his design!..)

2.:iconxxnerdymersquidxx: -Berry As A Human ( My real art style ) by xXNerdyMersquidXx  
3.:icongalapagos-girl: - Tomb Raider: Riddle of the Black Pearl by Galapagos-Girl 








So, I've had a little plan going on in the back of my mind, and I'm not entirely sure about it yet...
I thought I'd ask to see how many people would be interested if I did it.. :-)

So! Here's the thing.... I got a WHOLE lot of new art supplies for Christmas.. 
I have also been practicing my skills at realistic art.

So I thought that It'd be a lot of fun to do OC requests, but in a realistic style.
You could tell me the OC that you'd like me to draw, and I'd draw them as they might look if they were in real life!!!
I could always use more practice, and this would be a good experience to have!!! :-)

So.. I guess I'd tell you this and see what you think?

Thanks for reading this!!!! :D

P.S. If I do this, it probably wont be for a while.
So I've been tagged by :iconxxnerdymersquidxx: to do this post, So here we go! :D
The rules of this tag was to:

List 5 things your selected OC is afraid of.
They must be appropriate
Tag 4 other people.

So I've done a lot about Puck, So I thought I would do Loreley for a change. :-)
(This isn't part of the tag,but I'm listing her fears from 5 *the least* and 1 *the most*

~Loreley's Fears~

5. Picking up a preoccupied shell. 
She loves to collect shells, but every now and then she will find one of which is currently home to a crabby crab. They scared her more when she was little, but know she can just chuck them where-ever.

4. The Siren Queen.
Personally, Loreley has never seen the siren queen, but she has been told many stories warning her of the queen from her Step-father Oshianus.
Although Oshianus doesn't know the queen, he has seen her; his grandfather was one of the original sirens. Loreley does fear her, but she knows that she'll be fine as long as she stays out of her way.

3. Pirates.
Loreley was never a fan of humans, but for her Pirates were worse. It was actually a group of pirates that orphaned and captured her at a young age.
After meeting Puck she grew a better liking to humans, however she still resents pirates. She's fine though with Tetra's gang.. although their is still tension.

2. Loud noises.
Being captured by pirates was quite a scarring experience for her, I explained that though in a previous piece.

1.Being Alone.
Loreley has a great fear, that one day she'll wake up and discover that everyone she loves and cherishes will be gone.

Well, This was fun!
I'm going to tag:




Okay! So I tried to submit this, but I have NO idea how to post literature on this website!
So I thought I would post this on my journal. :-)

I don't usually do stories, but It was an English project I was assigned.
The project was to do a inner monologue for a character you developed. I already had a character so all I had to do was put a story to it!
This is Puck's first real adventure in discovering the humans, this is also where he finds his arm band.
This was the beginning of Puck's many adventures with the humans.

I'm also not a great writer, so don't hate me cause it's not well written. :-)

 It sure is a peaceful tonight, thought Puck. He was sitting on a rock while looking over the vast ocean that laid before him, he then tilted his head upwards to gaze upon the heavens. Even the sky is totally clear, not a cloud in sight! This is all so peaceful, but I should probably head back before mom and dad get too worried, he said to himself as he turned his head int the direction of his home. Puck was only a couple of miles away from his home isle, and being the fast swimmer he is, he could easily make up the time. His tail tapped the ocean as he prepared to dive; but out of the corner of his eye he spotted something moving through the moonlit waters.

     He quickly turned his body around so that he could get a better glimpse at the mysterious object. He looked again and realized that the mysterious object was in fact a small sail boat. Puck quickly plunged into the waters to avoid being seen, but soon came to the surface to get another look at the sail boat. Puck's mind began to ponder, what is such a small sail boat doing all the way out here at this time of night? Most sirens, who like Puck have yet to master their mesmerizing song and lack the proper claws for battle, would take this opportunity to flee into the depths for protection. For Puck however, where fear should reign curiosity has already preformed a revolt and taken power, so without a second thought he started swimming toward the mysterious vessel. As he followed the ship he made sure to keep his presence a secret. My parents always warned me to not let a human see me, he thought to himself as a helpful reminder, for you never know what they would do if they ever spotted you.

    He followed the ship for about an hour, always remaining in the ships shadow while his mind ran wild, Puck couldn't help but begin to think about where the mysterious ship might be leading him. Maybe he's taking me back to his home island, or to a secret treasure cove, full of jewels and gold! Granted I don't really care where we go ,I just love exploring! Five minutes later, Pucks questions were answered. Pucks' head then gently broke through the surface of the water, he saw that the tiny ship had set dock at a merchants isle.  

    Puck gazed over the island, he saw the lighted windows of the many houses, and the humongous stone gateway which led to the islands' market place. The most notable thing in his eyes was a great windmill which lay in the center of the island, and from it shone a beacon of light which appeared to shine across the vast ocean. Puck was amazed at the spectacle,as could be told by his gaping mouth. His amazement was unfortunately cut short, for he quickly dove back under the water, for he began to hear movement aboard ship. Can't let myself be seen...he reminded himself as he began to back away from the ship. When he reached a safe distance of a couple of feet, he decided to get a better look at the mysterious boat at which he followed. Slightly peering out of the water, he gazed and saw that the boat was only manned by one person. He was a tall, brutish, sailor man with long black hair in a pony-tail. Puck watched as the sailor gathered together some items in his a rather large bag. Tossing the bag over his shoulders, the man set off the boat and began to walk towards the Islands market. What the sailor didn't notice though, was that something had fallen out of his bag as he was lifting it onto his shoulders, luckily Puck noticed it. After the man was out of sight, Puck pulled himself onto the ship, and began to look around. He was always amazed at the humans, but know he had a reason to be. Puck was as awe-struck as he saw all the strange objects in the strangers boat. Wow! He gasped, Look at all this stuff! He picked up a fishers net, Do they use this to catch fish? He pondered in his head. I don't see how they could catch anything with this thing, look at all the holes in it! As he was lifting the large net, he heard a loud cling noise as an item fell out of the net and hit the wooden floor. He looked down and saw that it was the item that the man had dropped from his bag. Puck picked the item up and saw that it was nothing but a metallic cylinder. Doesn't look like anything fancy, he thought; I wonder what this is for? He began to toy with the item for a few minutes, eventually placing the item on his right arm. To Pucks great surprise, the cylinder looked rather nice on his arm. Oh! He said, then thought maybe it's some sort of human fashion piece?  

     What ever it was Puck didn't have time to think about it, five minutes had passed and he could hear the foot steps of the sailor as he was returning to his vessel. Puck panicked, and quickly dove into the waters just below him, however just as he was diving, the sailor came around the corner, and saw Pucks' tail as it flipped up in the moonlight. The sailor darted toward his ship yelling. Hey! He eagerly shouted! Wait! Come back me mermaid!!! Puck did hear the sailors screams, however he wouldn't dare stop to think about what he said. For after discovering that he'd been spotted, Puck swam away as fast as he could in hopes to escape being captured. A mile out he stopped by a near-bye rock and took a moment to catch his breath. “That was a close one.” he said to himself. After recovering from his shock he looked at his arm, he was so flustered that he didn't even notice that he still had the mysterious item on his arm. “Oops! “ he said “Oh well, I guess I can't really give it back to him now, he'd probably put two-and-two together and know who I am...That was such an interesting place though, I'd have to be a bit more careful, but I think I might just have to visit there again...”  

     Puck then started heading home, to this day he still visits the island and has the arm bracelet on as a remembrance of that special day.

Hey guys! 
So I need your help/opinions from you guys. :-)

So I'm in a creative mood and starting to run out of ideas for Puck and co.
I still have a few ideas for my other Oc's, plus I'm still doing the "Puck meets Kota" comic; so I'm good for a couple of weeks.
(this is just food for thought for me. )
I just thought I would ask YOU guys to see what you would like to see! This is my first "poll" thingy, so hopefully this will go well. :-)

So if you've read "Puck's 8 facts" you know that Puck has four younger siblings, and both of his parents. (So he's not a orphan, or anything.) 
Here's my question, what would you like to see first... Pucks parents, or his younger siblings.

Comment below for what you think!

Thanks for taking the time to read this!!! :D
This is just a fun little journal entry.  :-) (plus I Haven't made one in a while so...yeah :-))

So it's the local county fair up here, and I entered a art piece in the "Fine Arts" category of my 4-H.
That was yesterday, today I went back to pick up my bro who was at the fair, and while I was there I discovered that I got...

GRAND CHAMPION!!!!!!! Sr. :-3

So I was pretty thrilled at that.
I just thought you might like to know. :-DLazy Days by Fenz-art

Here's the piece :-)
So I got tagged by Dayo yesterday, and I am SUPER excited to try this!


1) Post these rules
2) Post 8 facts about your character
3) Tag 8 other characters
4) Post their names along with their creator's avatars
Puck by Fenz-art  This is Puck, my Siren.

  1. Puck is my curious little monkey! He is always exploring and discovering new things both in his world, and in the humans. Unfortunately, this extreme curiosity of his, usually gets him into trouble.
  2. Puck comes from a family of seven, (Which is rather large for anyone, human or sirens.) and he is the eldest of the five children.
  3. Puck usually spends most of his time away from home, not because he's a orphan or his parents don't love him, but more because he just wants to explore, even as a small child! (He is usually able to slip away unnoticed, due to the fact that his parents are usually busy trying to take care of his younger siblings.) This used to annoy his parents, until he had his evolution, then they realized he'd be fine. :-)
  4. Puck is a fun-loving siren! He'll play with anyone: fellow sirens, mermaids, humans, and even his food! xD His fun loving nature is also reason for the occasional pranks he may pull from time to time. His pranks, and fun were never meant to actually hurt anyone, he actually feels really bad if someone does get hurt by them.
  5. Puck's home/cave thingy is near by "Needle-Point Island", his family uses the closed off island pool to help raise their little guppies. Plus it's also a great spot for them to practice their "Siren's Song", (how else do you think all those sunken ships got their? ;-) >:-D
  6. Speaking of "siren's song", Puck does know how to use it, but he never does it. Nothing personal, but he just doesn't see the need to use it when you have no intent in harming humans. Plus, do you know how awkward it is to try and seduce a rugged sailor man, as a dude???? :| (Blank Stare) Stare  *shudder*
  7.  The way Puck actually discovered the humans was, one night, he followed a certain sailor man's boat to "Windfall Island", (Puck thought the boat was a big fish. :-/ ), after he saw the humans, he fell in love, and came back to see them whenever he could. (I think you might know the sailor in question..."Have you seen them boy? Who? The mermaids of course!!!" Sound familiar? :D (Big Grin)  )
  8. As previously mentioned, Puck Loves people, and would never do anything to harm them. Being a siren, however, is difficult in this circumstance because they will crave sentient flesh.. Puck has managed though by hunting monsters such as bokoboblins, moblins, miniblins, anything he can get his hands on in the sea. ( He fears though that someday he won't be able to hold back.)

Ok so I have to tag 8 people, but I don't know many so.... bear with me; and don't feel yourself obliged to do this for my sake. You can do it if you would like. :-) I would highly recommend it. :-)

:iconkopso866: Talk about Aren

Talk about Lonnie
:icondarkmistfromtheclans:Talk about Ember
:iconbluelink:Talk about Isaac

Sorry That's about it for now, I don't really know much, Sorry! Maybe I'll think of some more later. :-)
Hey, This Fenz-art.

This won't be long but I thought I would just thank the few that have liked my art and have added it to their favorites.

So.. Thanks.. It really has been making my day. :-)

P.S. Thanks Icy-Snowflake for helping me out! I need all the help I can get. lol :-)